The Personal Struggle of a Shift Worker

The Personal Struggle of a Shift Worker


Shift work has always been demanding, but for healthcare worker Denise and her husband Eduardo, the birth of their first child added a new layer of complexity. Balancing work and family became a daily challenge.


Routine tasks like coordinating daycare pickups became troublesome in a household with a 9-5 worker and a shift worker. With Denise’s demanding schedule, the family relied heavily on extended family for support. Constant communication was essential, but often overwhelming.


As the family grew with the impending arrival of a second child, Eduardo realized the pressing need for a better solution. The goal was to simplify the daily juggling act and give shift workers like Denise more control over their time.


An app like Turno opened many doors of communication not only with work colleagues but with family and friends as well.  Family had instant updates to Denise’s schedule which helped with pick up and babysitting needs. Also, her friends knew when she was available for socials, get togethers and celebrations.  Her social life began to pick up again which was a breath of fresh air especially since she was a new mom and craving adult time.

Denise Hervias

Denise Hervias

As a Respiratory Therapist for over 15 years, Denise experienced first hand the challenges of working shift work and balancing a growing family.

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