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About Us

Turno was created out of the need to help shift workers take control of their time and improve their work-life balance.


My name is Eduardo. I am the co-founder of Turno. When I got married my wife’s shift work schedule was not an issue. We were used to the routine and never gave it another thought. With the arrival of our first child everything changed. All of a sudden, my wife Denise’s schedule took center stage.


As time went on, my family began helping us with daycare drop off and pickups. We all needed to know when Denise was working and we were in constant communication to find out who would be going to pick up our child from daycare.

When we found out that another baby was on the way, I thought of everything we’ve done in the past four years and decided that there must be a better way to help Denise better balance her personal life and shift work schedule.


We put our heads together and started talking about all the pain points of a health care worker, what life looks like when a shift worker is working and when they are at home, how does sick time affect the micro environment and the health care system at large, and how can shift workers manage to live their best lives.


What we came up with was the answer to a fundamental question; why is switching shifts so hard? Your team members have to be available, willing and the onus is on you to find an amenable solution. That takes time. Lots of time. Our solution shows the people available for a switch in your network in real time and you can select who receives a request notification for a switch. It’s that easy! No more fawning over the schedule and taking turns just to have the opportunity to spend hours analyzing the switch opportunities available to you


We want to improve the life of shift workers all over Canada and the US by improving work life balance and helping people reclaim their time so that they can spend it doing the things they love.

Why Shift Workers Love TURNO

Up to 100 hrs saved
Over 500 shifts switched
Helped over 200 workers